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AIR Bridge

RPA enhanced with AIR Platform’s federated capabilities delivers nonstop automation with end-to-end Traceability, Auditability & Governance.

Fully automate business-to-business processes to act in unison across silos and take meaningful action, fast.

  • Trace - every interaction with your data is tracked
  • Protect - AIR protects your data by stopping leakage before it happens.
  • Inform - AIR delivers the information you need, as you need it. For management reporting, regulatory reporting or simple behaviour analytics.
Lex 2

Save time and resources through automation

Create business rules directly from rules and policies using next generation technologies.

Lex 4

Empower business users to approve and deploy rules

Business users review and approve rules created by AIR Bridge through automation.

Lex 1

Rapid policy deployment

Connect AIR Bridge to your existing technology through APIs. With AIR Bridge, you can now rapidly deploy new policies or procedures.

Lex 3

Achieve compliant non-stop automation across boundaries

AIR Bridge enables compliant collaboration across organisational boundaries and data privacy silos to achieve ‘non-stop automation’.