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Operational today but designed for tomorrow, we’ve developed a privacy-enhancing federated computing infrastructure designed to run on top of the Internet.

Core features

GDPR compliance

Never reveal or share PII and sensitive user information. Not even with us.

De-risked data workflows

Reduced data transfer, transformation, and hosting cost, effort & risk.

Automated data governance

Programmatically define, manage and execute your company’s terms for your data to be securely accessed. With full auditability.

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Organisational efficiency

You have the data, accessing it is difficult and expensive. With the AIR Platform: Ask a question. Receive an answer. Simple.

Transform your data infrastructure

Receive real-time insights from data continuously, easily and in an automated way.

Streamlined decision making

Gain a holistic view of your data and of industry data. Have the information to make smarter decisions.


AIR Platform

The AIR Platform is a privacy enhancing federated computing platform designed to enable safe and automated access to data at scale. It blends advanced federated learning, encryption, blockchain and AI techniques. It is a complete solution tailored to the needs of organisations that want insight from data.

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Data never moves

The AIR Platform completely reimagines how knowledge and value can be universally extracted from data by providing algorithms for the consumption of data rather than data for the consumption of an algorithm.

By facilitating data availability for algorithms, the AIR Platform enables knowledge about data to be shared, whilst actively preserving confidentiality, privacy and security.

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Privacy is preserved

Thanks to blockchain technology, every interaction with the data is captured making each computation verifiable and fully auditable.

We are a CDEI PET. We use multiple Privacy Enhancing Technologies, techniques and encryption schemes to ensure that data accessed by algorithms cannot be re-identified.

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Participants make the rules

The AIR Platform is a horizontal, plug-and-play technology that provides a trusted ecosystem where users can take advantage of data access without exposing any sensitive information.

Data holders have complete control over the data they make accessible. Once the parameters have been set they simply connect their systems through APIs or ring-fenced silos.

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A marketplace

The AIR Platform enables organisations from different sectors and with heterogeneous data to build and share machine learning models together without sacrificing privacy or security.

It provides a marketplace where solutions can be either purchased or built by working alongside the RegulAItion team and other ecosystem providers. Whatever data challenges you face, it provides the means to help you find a workable solution.

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Security is in our DNA

Protecting the rights and data security of our users is our number one priority.

We are UKAS ISO27001:2013 certified and work hand-in-hand with leading regulators and legislators, including the FCA.

GDPR and privacy regulation compliant from the outset.

The AIR Platform’s core infrastructure utilises a peer-to-peer network where participants set their own rules in line with local, regional and global regulations for each use case.

We are a CDEI PET. Differentially private data protects identity, confidentiality, and privacy and cannot be reverse engineered.

We give you the tools to confirm privacy for yourself. A transparent and immutable audit trail is built in as core functionality.