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Air Guidance
Guidance for your business

AIR Guidance is a powerful decision automation solution amplified by the AIR Platform. It combines cutting edge technologies to deliver personalised, downloadable and auditable guidance throughout the customer journey.

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Full auditability and explainability

Explain the answer, every time. AIR Guidance explains to your customer the rationale behind every answer and retains a record for your organisation to refer to as needed.

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Better anticipate customer queries

Pull data relevant to the customer’s queries to deliver an exceptional, tailored customer experience with personalised, immediate and downloadable guidance.

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Empower business users to write and deploy rules

Create rules in a simple, drag-and-drop interface & integrate information into the customer journey in natural language.

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Provide the right answer, every time

AIR Guidance combines a conversational, chatbot-type interface with decision automation without sacrificing accuracy.