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A world of new possibilities for data. We believe everyone can do more with data. We know it can be transformative, but in today’s regulated, and competitive world, there are many barriers at play.

Welcome to RegulAItion,
the federated computing company

With RegulAItion you can work with the data you need in full compliance with legal, regulatory and governance requirements.

AIR Platform gives you a federated computing framework that puts you in control, while also deploying dynamic governance and compliance directly into and across systems.

With AIR Platform, you are in control at every step. No matter how you are working with your data. AIR does this through 3 core capabilities.

  • Trace - Every interaction with your data is tracked
  • Protect - AIR protects your data by stopping leakage before it happens.
  • Inform - AIR delivers the information you need, as you need it. For management reporting, regulatory reporting or simple behaviour analytics.

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Equip your organisation to thrive in the Data Economy

Future-proof your business by laying down the AI and ML infrastructure for data innovation and empower your teams to deliver real change, fast.

Reduce your data costs

We unlock shared intelligence in data wherever it is, whoever holds it, however it is governed, so you can significantly reduce costs, streamline processes and automate functions.

Benefit from industry collaboration

Unlock intelligence from data across the ecosystem without ever needing to expose sensitive data.

Remove barriers that hold you back

Replace deep rooted privacy, trust, transparency, commercial and ethical concerns with simplicity, clarity and complete peace of peace of mind.

‘Data-fueled applications of artificial intelligence projected to generate $13 trillion in new global economic activity by 2030.’


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Reimagining the future

The future will not be shaped by the tools of the past.

Breakthroughs for mankind came about through sharing and collaboration. Sharing of knowledge dates back to the earliest cave paintings. Societies evolved by communities working to create a common purpose. Technology made similar leaps by the disruption of learning.

We now face a new frontier - a quantum leap in understanding brought about by privacy enhancing technologies and algorithms that learn and collaborate with one another.

Before we can reimagine the future, data holders and policy makers must first have the understanding, confidence and culture to use emerging technologies. Our team of experts can help every step of the way, providing a robust framework for selecting the right technologies as well as a road map to integrate them.

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Unlocking intelligence from data

Data is the fuel of the new economy. But data, like technology, has no intrinsic value. On its own and left unmanaged it is meaningless.

The real value of data is derived when it’s used and made accessible to AI and ML technologies. We provide that access, and use travelling algorithms to spot patterns in datasets that never need to move. These patterns unearth insights.

By continually re-running algorithms as new data is made accessible, you can detect new patterns & unearth more insights to create intelligence. This is how we privately and safely unlock shared intelligence in data, no matter where it is.

Data access is not just fundamental in helping us to thrive in the Data Economy, it will enable governments to meet policy goals, industries to drive innovation and organisations to create a new competitive advantage on the world stage.

We believe that privacy-enhancing access to data is key to the extraction of shared intelligence for tomorrow’s decision-making.