the world’s regulated data

The Dandelion. Naturally
engineered to thrive.

Inspired by nature.
Realised by technology.


RegulAItion harness big data technology and create tools that turn the hesitant and time consuming regulated environments into dynamic, secure and opportunity-rich, eco-systems. Where both the regulators and the regulated don’t just exist together but positively flourish. Like Mother Nature, we’ve created systems that are engineered to respond and adapt to change. Seamlessly. 

Responsive. Efficient. Secure.

What we do 


Unlock data and you get knowledge. Simple. But data is sensitive and protected for good reason. Add regulation and the burden of compliance and things get convoluted. Forcing innovative organisations to become protectionists as they navigate risk.

It’s here that we offer clarity in a world of confusion. Because our focus is to create efficient, safe and dynamic regulatory environments, our technology is for both regulators and the regulated. We create spaces where all parties flourish. Meaning better co-operation, improved efficiency and speedier ways of staying ahead of compliance.

Our AIRTech systems collect, organise and deliver real knowledge from regulated data sources. Rewarding organisations with opportunities and insight previously unattainable.

It’s not just what we do. It’s who we are.


How we do it


Our exceptional team boast a wealth of knowledge and specialist skills. Leading legal, regulatory and technology experts, partner effectively with world-renowned academic pioneers. They work diligently on the front line. Extracting knowledge from data using machine learning, AI, intelligent automation and numerous other specialist disciplines.



Machine Learning

Privacy Enhancing Technology (PET)

Intelligent Automation

Robotic Process Automation

Block Chain

Federated Learning

Data Modelling

“Knowledge is the capacity to use information, which requires learning and experience.”
Gorgens and Kusek

Liberating knowledge
from secure data


Data is the new gold. Insights derived from the smart use of it can generate a wealth of new opportunities. So imagine the potential leverage of being able to understand and learn more from your own data, the secure data of others and even the commercially sensitive data of a competitor.

Our AIR Platform and AIR Tools do exactly that. Providing powerful ways to enable organisations to securely collect, access and interrogate data. All without compromising compliance.

Data always remains safely locked away but our trusted AIR Tools access and map single or multiple data sources to create cut-through and generate huge levels of new knowledge. Only the learning is extracted. Meaning organisations can now take advantage of previously unseen levels of insight. From previously unreachable data. Helping shape better decisions – quickly, securely and legally.


The Dandelion. Naturally
engineered to thrive.

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Where we work

RegulAItion’s data mapping systems and technology are used in numerous sectors including:

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