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RegulAItion [REG-you-LAY-shun] is a knowledge-tech company helping to unlock intelligence by reimagining the way in which organisations across the globe access data. We believe that privacy-enhancing access to data is key to the extraction of shared intelligence for tomorrow’s decision-making.

Founded by a team of industry leading technologists, regulators, legislators and published researchers, we are developing the technology infrastructure and ecosystem for scalable, automated, repeatable and responsible AI-driven data-access. Our mission is to create a trusted environment and ecosystem where data is available without sacrificing privacy or security.

Born out of a need to address specific industry challenges, RegulAItion's AIR platform delivers a ‘generational breakthrough’ to how the private and public sectors operate and interact with data. It is being deployed across multiple sectors, delivering the gift of data access to businesses globally.

Our journey began in 2017 when our team transformed the way in which regulators access data by developing the first prototype blockchain system for banks. In 2020, we led a cross-sector consortium of major businesses, banks, and universities to roll our privacy enhancing software platform out globally.

We are recognised on the world stage. We won the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) Global Fintech Hackcelerator, accelerating our expansion into the Asia financial and regulatory markets. In 2022 AIR Platform powered a world-first cross-organisation legal sector collaboration. and we were runner up at SWIFT's global Sibos banking sector conference hackathon.

We are financially supported by Innovate UK under the Next Generation Services program and are actively seeking partners to join us on our journey to unlock intelligence across the globe.

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CEO and Co-Founder Sally Sfeir-Tait

Sally Sfeir-Tait is the CEO of RegulAItion. As an ex-general counsel, head of compliance, partner at a global law firm and regulator, Sally has a unique perspective on the interconnected worlds of regulation and technology. She has worked on the core ideas that underpin the operational infrastructure for the new economy.

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Board Member and Co-Founder Philip Treleaven

Philip is principally known for pioneering the use of computational techniques in finance, where his team’s research underpinned much of the early work on automated fraud detection. Leading to the launch of the highly successful SearchSpace company.

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Head of Engineering Srikumar Sundareshwar

An accomplished engineering leader and certified Agile Practitioner, Sri designs, architects and implements distributed systems with a special focus on peer-to-peer technologies. His expertise extends to leveraging the capabilities of machine learning and blockchains to build federated compute frameworks, with federated governance capabilities in Machine Learning and Intelligent Automation. His primary interests are in the fields of ML infrastructure, spanning conventional ML architectures to Large Language Model (LLM) architectures.

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Chief Revenue Officer Paul Foreman

UK-born and US-naturalized, Paul is a 30+ year technology sector veteran with career touchpoints spanning global markets and including the likes of Xerox and Dell Technologies, along with SaaS market revenue strategy for both SMB and Enterprise.

Paul architects RegulAItion's revenue strategy with an eye to scalability and network growth.

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Chief Enterprise Architect Paul Lee-Simion

Paul is an inspirational technologist with an enviable track record of delivering true business transformation for some of the largest financial institutions in the world. Being Singapore based for over a decade, Paul has a deep understanding of the Asian financial regulatory community and is responsible for accelerating growth in the market.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to create a trusted environment and ecosystem where data is available without sacrificing privacy or security. Our vision is to make Universal Knowledge accessible to all.

Our Promise

We promise we are as paranoid about data as you are. While it is possible to safely share data on the AIR Platform, sharing data goes against everything we stand for. Instead we provide an infrastructure that allows you to make limited elements of your data accessible only to travelling algorithms that extract knowledge not data.

Regul A Ition Intelligence unlocked

Intelligence unlocked

Join the team

We’re building great things including an incredible team. We challenge ourselves constantly and are always looking for new perspectives and ways of working, to help us solve old problems.

We are a global business, steered by our experience and collective insight and we are guided by strong leadership.

We work with regulators and industry in large scale collaboration projects, harmonising our academic activities within University College London.

As we grow our values and culture are fundamental in keeping us on track and moving in the right direction. Members of our team embody these values and we trust them to contribute their energy & expertise to move the business forward.

If you’re a problem solver who never runs from a challenge, we’d love to hear from you. As a rapidly growing business (even in the COVID environment) we are always looking for software engineers, full-stack developers, data scientists, data and machine learning engineers as well as product managers and owners and a full complement of business function staff.

We have a solid investment structure in place that allows us to offer competitive packages to the right candidates with the option of share schemes as the company grows. If you are interested in joining the team, we’d love to hear from you.

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