Use case

Sector-wide collaboration

Enable access to real data for algorithm training and model building. Safely and securely turn proof-of-concept projects into proof-of-value; ideas can now grow and flourish and become viable products within the environment, rather than staying theoretical.

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Sandbox pilots help innovative firms get to market quicker – firms coming through Innovate are being authorised on average 40% faster than standard authorisation timings.

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New FCA ‘scale box’ announced to better enable start-ups to test new propositions, and to provide a one-stop shop for growth stage firms.


Commercial sensitivities

Mutual, sector-wide benefits are missed because of individual entity concerns about privacy and competitive advantage.

Regulatory restrictions

Concerns about sanctions for breaching data privacy and confidentiality regulation inhibit innovation and collaboration efforts.

Theory, not reality

Great ideas are nothing without great execution, and many sandbox environments fail to provide a way to scale concepts into viable products and services.

How AIRtech® helps

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Data remains secure

The detail of data remains secure, allowing organisations to learn from insights without compromising data value

Fuel creativity

Create an environment where users can use the full potential of knowledge and information to inform ideas, without the need for lengthy transformation or breaching regulations.

Realise potential

Generate ideas, test and iterate, to create products and services ready for real-world deployment.

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‘Annual spend on on-premise data quality tools remains high, with an average of $208,000 and a median of $150,000, which prevents more pervasive adoption of tools.’


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