Use case

Reduce costs

Reduce costs by not only eliminating data duplication, but also by transforming the way multiple applications and services access data. The Air Platform provides a safe and secure shortcut that realises value quicker through better access and by removing the need for intermediaries and upfront investment.

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Annual spend on on-premise data quality tools remains high, with an average of $208,000 and a median of $150,000, which prevents more pervasive adoption of tools.

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The average financial impact of poor data quality on organizations is $9.7 million per year.


Accessing data is expensive

With siloed data, more time and resources are needed to track relevant information.

The cost of not having access

Slow, drawn out access processes increase the time to value, while the complex nature of drawing on multiple data sources can mean having repeating access is hard or not achievable.

Systems and services

If every data point needs a different solution to access it, that’s more cost, both in solution licensing fees and in time spent.

How AIRtech® helps

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Banishing complexity

Access the data you need when you need it. Deliver the business intelligence that’s needed through insight, rather than detail that isn’t required.

Make it simpler

One point of access, not one for each data point or each solution. Knowledge is gathered faster, fees are reduced and time to overall value accelerated.

Repeatable live access

Data dates. The AIR Platform provides ongoing access so information is constantly relevant without being prohibitively expensive.

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‘A proactive approach to privacy and data protection helps organizations increase trust.’


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