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Increase revenue

Better access to data offers multiple ways to increase value. Organisations can create new products and services cheaper and faster, they can trust the business intelligence released from data and they can serve their customers better.

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$13 trillion

Data-fueled applications of artificial intelligence projected to generate $13 trillion in new global economic activity by 2030.

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Through 2023, organisations that can instill digital trust will be able to participate in 50% more ecosystems, expanding revenue-generation opportunities.


Accessing disparate data

Drawn out and complex access processes restrict the quality of insights, and in turn how products and services can be created and informed.

Perceived restrictions

Concerns regarding regulation, data privacy, trust and transparency compromise the use of data to inform new offerings.

Technical shortcomings

Lack of interoperability between systems inhibits data access, diminishing the value of insights.

How AIRtech® helps

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Aggregating insights, not data

The AIR Platform is a fast track to data value, by bringing together multiple data points into aggregated pools of knowledge.

Insight, not detail

Overcome concerns around perceived restrictions by mining the insights, not the detail, of data, to extract the value from data and mitigate the risk of data access.

One point of entry

Separate systems are no longer a barrier as the AIR Platform offers a way of having a single point of entry, breaking down silos to speed up access and, ultimately, time to value.

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‘Regulatory compliance costs UK banks up to £4.5bn a year.’

Bank of England

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