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“Time is the most precious resource we have…. yet we waste so much of it unnecessarily. It’s time to turn human operational intelligence into robotic intelligence and release people’s ability to create by lightening the compliance load."

Sally Sfeir-Tait
CEO, Regulaition

Our Story

We’re on a mission. A mission to unburden creative minds and organisations from the backward-looking exercise of constantly having to manage risk and compliance. And instead empower them to look ahead and re-focus on a real-time, predictive and insightful driver for positive change.

Of course, regulation is necessary to protect and secure society. In fact, we need it more than ever. But at RegulAItion we are determined to overcome the burden of compliance that comes with evolving and ever-changing requirements. That’s why our systems are self-teaching, self-implementing and immediate. They’re the future. And we’d like you to be part of it.

Who are we

Sally Sfeir-Tait CEO

As a solicitor and barrister, Sally has held numerous roles in the financial services industry.
Sally has a unique background and experience which fuses the complex and interconnected worlds of regulation and technology. Sally has advised the private and public sector on FinTech, Blockchain, ICOs, cryptocurrencies, Smart initiatives, artificial intelligence and innovation.

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Philip Treleaven Chairman

Philip is principally known for pioneering the use of computational techniques in finance, where his team’s research underpinned much of the early work on automated fraud detection. Leading to the launch of the highly successful SearchSpace company.

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Paul April 2021 5930

Paul Lee-Simion CTO

Paul is an inspirational technologist with an enviable track record of delivering true business transformation for some of the largest financial institutions in the world. Being Singapore based for over a decade, Paul has a deep understanding of the Asian financial regulatory community and is responsible for accelerating growth in the market.

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Hirsh Pithadia Head of R&D

Hirsh has worked with regulators, investment banks, retail banks and startups to develop proof-of-concept systems that transformed into products – particularly in the RegTech space. Hirsh is vastly experienced in scalable systems design, architecture and cryptography.

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Join the team

We’re building great things including an incredible team. We challenge ourselves constantly and are always looking for new perspectives on old problems. New ways of thinking. New ways of working. We work with regulators and industry in large scale collaboration projects, harmonising our academic activities within University College London. We have a 100% conversion rate from PoC to commercialised product.

If challenge is appealing, we’d love to hear from you. As a rapidly growing business (even in the post COVID environment) we are always looking for software engineers, full-stack developers, data scientists, data and machine learning engineers as well as product managers and owners and a full complement of business function staff.

We are building deep tech solutions that combine Distributed Ledger Technologies, Privacy Preservation cryptography and Machine Learning. We build resilient systems with great UX, employing SPA frameworks (such as Angular) and Pythonic & JVM languages (Java, Kotlin, Groovy) with a keen focus on Microservices architectures, to implement highly scalable business critical solutions. We recognise the need to build cloud agnostic solutions using Kubernetes to manage execution environments across a variety of cloud hosting providers such as GCP, AWS etc. Our stack is not limited to this however, we strongly encourage the use of different tools and environments provided that they have a demonstrated use case and benefit. You will be working with Data Scientists, Backend Engineers, Front End Engineers and Product staff in a highly Agile environment with a strong focus on shipping out business critical features with a high degree of regularity.

RegulAItion has a solid investment structure that allows us to offer competitive packages to the right candidates with the option of share schemes as the company grows. If you are interested to find out more about joining us full time or as a contractor, please get in touch.

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