Senior Java Engineer


The Company

RegulAItion’s mission, through analytics and automation, is to reduce the burden and risk of regulation, to empower people to work smarter and to free-up organisations to create, innovate and thrive.

We’re building great things including an incredible team. We challenge ourselves constantly and are always looking for new perspectives on old problems. New ways of thinking. New ways of working. We work with regulators and industry in large scale collaboration projects, harmonising our academic activities within University College London.

We work with major financial regulators and have access to large data sets. There is a strong greenfield element to the role for you to work creatively and with freedom. If challenge is appealing, we’d love to hear from you.

The Role

As a senior java developer, you will be responsible for building and maintaining Java applications based on microservices frameworks to interact with other network components. You will also be working on integrating different application frameworks using industry standard best practices such as ReST. Also, you will be in charge of developing, testing & maintaining code using best practices of SDLC, TDD & XP.

Skills and Experience

  • Sound knowledge of fundamentals of Software Engineering such as Data Structures, Algorithms, Design Patterns
  • Ability to write Java applications using Spring, Springboot or any other microservices frameworks such as Micronaut, Ktor.
  • Experience in the development of REST applications in Java or Kotlin.
  • Capable of writing effective APIs.
  • Experience in working with & customising document parsing frameworks in JSON or XML, using Gson, Jackson & any JAXB compliant framework.
  • Experience in implementing RBAC, Configuration Management in Spring
  • Experience in implementing multi threaded solutions using advanced Java multi-threading patterns.
  • Solid knowledge of JVM fundamentals such as classloading, memory management, garbage collection.
  • Working knowledge of integrating with cloud hosting providers such as AWS, GCP
  • Working knowledge of implementing front end code using Thymleaf, HTML, CSS & Javascripts.
  • Experience in working with version control frameworks such as Git (preferable), SVN
  • Experience with NoSQL databases (MongoDB or Cassandra) & Relational Databases
  • Solid understanding of TDD & XP principles such as CI / CD, with a proven track record of implementing solutions centered around those concepts.
  • Good communication skills & the willingness to learn new skills / technologies with minimal supervision.
  • Willingness to be a team player (lone rangers / prima donna’s need not apply)


  • Familiarity with one or more Deep Learning software frameworks such as Tensorflow, PyTorch or Keras.
  • Demonstrable experience with containerisation and orchestration
  • Familiarity with other JVM languages such as Kotlin / Scala
  • Working knowledge of functional programming concepts
  • Working knowledge of implementing fault tolerance frameworks such as Hystrix, Resilience4J
  • Working knowledge of implementing AWS / GCP hosted solutions.
  • Knowledge of blockchains such as Ethereum, Hyperledger Fabric
  • Sound understanding of secure coding practices
  • Sound knowledge of SPA frameworks such as React, Angular

Additional Info

Our stack is composed of Python for ML research and production, Java for backend code, Typescript (Angular) for the frontend. We use Kubernetes for managing the execution environment and GCP as the cloud provider. Our stack is not limited to this however, we strongly encourage the use of different tools and environments provided that they have a demonstrated use case and benefit. You will be working together with our Data Scientists, Backend engineers and Front End engineers that own the other components of our stack and operations, including the product staff.

RegulAItion has a solid investment structure that allows us to offer competitive packages to the right candidates with the option of share schemes as the company grows.