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The growing range of AIR Tools bring verifiable and secure enhancements to some of the common challenges and processes that face organisations operating within regulated spaces. RegulAItion’s stand-alone tools work both with and without the AIR Platform to deliver powerful improvements to process efficiency, accuracy and analysis through intelligent automation.

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AIR Platform

The Air Platform (previously known as RegNet) is a technology infrastructure that enables data
holders to collaborate and extract aggregated learning without the need to actually share data or
relocate it from the secure servers where it is stored. Data holders control permitted access whilst
being able to map and learn from each other’s data, without compromising organisational or individual privacy and confidentiality.

AIR Guidance

RegulAItion’s AIR Guidance fulfils the need for fully auditable accuracy and realtime query-
answering for both internal and customer-facing functions. AIR Guidance ensures interactions
between organisations and their clients are fully captured, free of errors and verifiable.
RegulAItion’s proprietary hybrid intelligent engine understands natural language queries and takes the user on a conversational journey to a considered conclusion. The technology works stand alone or can be integrated into existing systems to both prompt and record organisational client interaction both online and through centralised or remote call centres.

AIR Analytics

As regulation becomes more complex and demanding, so in turn are the submissions that
regulators need to process. The Bank of England receives over 1 billion lines of data each month –
a volume that is beyond the capability of staff alone. Submissions come in different forms and are often concentrated around specific dates in the calendar. AIR Analytics is able to intelligently automate the reading and understanding of vast quantities of data and identify relevant risk quickly and accurately. This frees supervisors’ time to analyse and respond to the learning instead of being consumed in manual data gathering and processing.

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