AIR White 2x AIRtech®

Air Lex

Air Lex converts English language text to machine understandable structured text. It is proprietary technology that was developed in collaboration with financial services regulators and academics to power machine executable regulation.

Lex 2

Save time and resources through automation

AIR Lex creates business rules directly from rules and policies using next generation technologies.

Lex 4

Empower business users to approve and deploy rules

Business users review and approve rules created by AIR Lex through automation.

Lex 1

Amplify your existing customer facing conversational engine

Connect AIR Lex to your existing technology through APIs. With AIR Lex, you can now rapidly deploy new policies or procedures.

Lex 3

Flag changes in regulation and policies in an automated way

AIR Lex helps to identify where regulation and policies have changed and the impact of that change on your existing processes and customer interactions.