Opportunity to avail newly-launched UNICEF-backed AI data-annotation initiative

Knowledge-tech company RegulAItion and Impact Sourcing platform B.O.T are partnering with UNICEF Lebanon to offer an AI data annotation initiative.

PRESS RELEASE - London - 21 November 2021

The initiative is beneficial for companies in need to generate quality training data for their ML and NLP models, as well as for companies looking to introduce human labeling level to already pre-annotated data.

The program, funded and powered by UNICEF Lebanon, aims to provide training for 75 young women from underprivileged communities around Lebanon through a theoretical and hands-on approach. The hands-on approach subsidizes project execution in Data Annotation for AI Models for companies around the world.

‘The first step in any data related exercise is creating and storing good quality data. Creating this sustainable and socially beneficial program was essential for us. It shows that better corporate results can be achieved through ESG initiatives.’ said RegulAItion CEO, Sally Sfeir-Tait

Marianne Bitar Karam, Managing Director of B.O.T said ‘this initiative is linked to six UN Sustainable Development Goals: we fight poverty, gender stereotypes and reduce inequalities by giving equal opportunity for all the youth to learn and generate income. We strive to deliver innovative courses that would empower the youth to be competitive in a fast-paced job market, the courses are free and participation of young women is especially encouraged".

According to Amal Obeid; UNICEF Programme Specialist, “The World Economic Forum (WEF) recent report states that more tech-specific skills are needed in the Middle East and North Africa region, in particular more science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), and information and communications technology (ICT) skills [see CIO (2020): ‘Talent crunch: What are the most in-demand skills in the Middle East?’.] As such, UNICEF is investing in digital training for young people and especially young women to avoid that the lack of 21st century skills becomes a missed opportunity for Lebanon to capitalize on emerging neighboring markets to create employment opportunities."

Programme detail

The initiative is funded and powered by UNICEF Lebanon while B.O.T dedicate a team to manage the programme, provide the service and quality check the annotation.

RegulAItion’s data analytics, management and collaboration technology platform (AIR Platform) is used to ensure that data remains under the control of the data holders and within their jurisdiction. This is particularly relevant to instances where sensitive data is involved.

Companies involved in this initiative are eligible for free or partially free data annotation services with B.O.T and a fixed fee with RegulAItion (variable depending on requirements).

Companies wishing to find out more or to engage the data tagging initiative should contact RegulAItion via contactus@regulaition.com
or B.O.T at sales@letsbot.io